Mobile Solution for CAD, Records, and Civil (2024)

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Mobile Solution for CAD, Records, and Civil (1)

Touch-Screen Operation

Day and night modes, color-coded displays, larger fonts, and screen layouts are specifically designed for mobile usability.

Integration with CAD

Streamline the dispatch process through integration with CAD.

Silent Dispatch

Mobile users are immediately alerted to their incident assignments and incoming incident data. They can update their own statuses, locations, and details with large touch-screen buttons.

Instant Messaging Feature

Promote radio-free communication between dispatchers and units and also between units with instant messaging within the system.

AVL/Mapping Integration

Improve monitoring of unit and incident locations, routes units around road blockages, and shorten response times.

User-Configurable Displays

Each mobile user can configure their display to view the dispatch data that is most valuable to them at the moment.

Units Display

A units display enables mobile users to stay attuned to each other's whereabouts and activities.

Incidents Display

Keep each mobile user informed of current incidents, locations, who’s assigned, who might need backup, and more.


Quickly convey key data to mobile users, such as BOLOs and special instructions.

Configurable Notification Settings

Allow users to control how they are notified of important events. Users can choose to receive visible and/or audible alerts, or set the Mobile program to come to the front of any other programs they might have running when these events happen.

State/NCIC Query Interface

Officers can run driver's licenses and vehicle plates from their assigned incidents. The returns are attached to the incident records and also to the accompanying case reports.

Query Master Files

Search for names, address, and vehicles, and take advantage of in-vehicle access to record alerts including premise information, active warrant alerts, and more.


Write eCitations from squad vehicles.

Case Review Workflow

A report written in the field can be approved minutes later by a supervisor on another mobile computer or forwarded to an investigative department. Eliminate pileups of reports waiting to be written or reviewed.

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Mobile Features

Zuercher Mobile dramatically improves agency efficiency by putting powerful CAD and Records functionality into the hands of the people who need it most, when they need it most. Its sleek, user-configurable display and touch-screen operation are all designed for easy visibility and quick access to key information while on the go.

Mobile integrates seamlessly with CAD to create a dispatch workflow that is faster and more streamlined than ever before. The mobile units stay tightly synchronized with agency servers so that mobile users are always up to date with their incident assignments, including call details, premise information, and safety alerts. Mobile users can update their statuses with the touch of a button, enabling dispatchers to closely monitor officer activity. And because all of this can be done without a single call over the radio, Mobile allows agencies to achieve silent dispatch, freeing up dispatch personnel and shaving valuable seconds off unit response times.

Mobile is packed with additional features that contribute to efficient, silent dispatch. The instant messaging feature provides a means of rapid, radio-free communication between dispatchers and mobile units. AVL/mapping integration helps units respond to incidents quickly and keeps dispatchers better informed of their whereabouts. Automatic notifications alert Mobile users when BOLOs and special instructions are issued. Mobile users can even run their own NCIC/state queries, enabling them to quickly check driver’s licenses and vehicle plates directly from their mobile units.

Zuercher Mobile also integrates tightly with Records, putting name, address, and vehicle alerts and RMS query capabilities in the hands of those who need it most. Mobile users can write case reports and upload digital evidence in their vehicles instead of returning to the agency. In fact, the entire case review and referral process can be completed on mobile computers, just one more feature that keeps personnel on the streets, visible in the community, and able to respond quickly when they’re needed.


The Zuercher system has greatly helped our agency. It has fully ushered us through into a complete new way of doing business. Things are a lot quicker as far as the turnaround of information. I couldn't ask for anything better. I can say that definitely if an agency were to decide to go with the Zuercher system that it would be a great choice.

Ryan Dantin

Patrol Shift Lieutenant
Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office
Thibodaux, LA

Mobile Solution for CAD, Records, and Civil (2024)


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