Cheesy Kimchi Noodles Recipe (2024)



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Reminds me of a childhood classic from the 80s. Kraft Mac & Cheese w/ Kimchi. Used to make it when mom wasn't home.In the ensuing decades, I've never heard anyone else even think of this ghastly contraption, but the creamy/salty cheddar plus the vinegary kimchi is a highly under-rated combination. If by chance there was a opened pack of Hebrew Nationals in the meat drawer, the combination of these 3 square pegs was all i needed til mom came home. Discomfiting comfort food.


If you can’t find Shiaoxing wine, substitute a mix of dry vermouth and rice vinegar.Use no more than a half teaspoon of rice vinegar. The rest should be vermouth.


Dry sherry should work


I was wondering what to have for lunch when this popped up. I had every ingredient and have had other noodle recipe in Cooking for WFH pandemic lunches, so tried it. Followed it exactly and it was fast and easy, and not amazing, but pretty darn good. Perfect spice level. The shredded cheese did not make it cheesy at all, which is good. It simply melted into the sauce to add texture and depth of flavor, much like the American cheese slices in the 'perfect instant ramen' also on the site.


Instead of frying the eggs, I kept the noodle cooking water and used it to poach them.


When I saw kimchi and cheese together it made me pause a little so I knew I had to make it. I’m not sure what I expected, but it is amazing! I would probably add a little bit more than a packed half cup of kimchi, maybe some matchstick carrots or snow peas or baby bellas, to fill it out a little. The chili sauce comes through really strongly, so if you’re sensitive you might want to add a little bit at a time.


This would probably be my last meal.

Dick T.

This is one of those lick-the-plate-clean kind of a recipe. Simply outstanding! I had spicy Napa Cabbage Kimchi in the fridge and that kicked the heat level up a delightful notch. Took the hint that you could use Sherry instead of the Shaoxing wine. Will definitely be having this again!

Scott M

Cheesy kimchi noodles was quick, easy to make, and impressively delicious. Cook an extra egg, and this recipe served and satisfied three adults. One diner (a chef) commented that the cheese stood its ground alongside the kimchi. I suggest using a sharp cheddar.If your rendition of this recipe was too salty, I would recommend tracking down the source of salt. Could it have been the brand of kimchi? With about a tablespoon and a half of shoyu, ours was not too salty.Spicy kimchi next time!


Yum. I knew I would like this and wasn't disappointed. Got my noodles from a Maruchan package and halved the recipe -- spouse is sadly not into kimchi so this made a rich, piping hot dish for one on a night he had other leftovers. Next time I'll remember the scallions and will ease up just a little on the sriracha. Used sherry with a little hit of rice vin for the wine.


Huh? This recipe was so offbeat, I knew I had to try it. Asian food with dairy? Well. I did it. And it tastes like something a teenager would make for himself at lunch when his parents weren't home. Edible? Perhaps. But just wrong in so many ways. I love all of the individual ingredients. But they don't play well together. As Nancy Reagan would say, "Just say no."


Excellent Ramen! And great way to plow through some kimchi.


I don't know if this has already been mentioned but - kraft singles, american cheese melts really well into this kind of application.


Am I the only one that gets confused between whether to use toasted sesame oil and sesame oil? There’s a big difference and I’m always confused which one the recipe is calling for.


This was an interesting recipe, ended up being pretty salty. i think i would try again, but not with a crowd.


Followed recipe as written other than to poach the egg in the pot I cooked the noodles in, allowing me to cook this while cooking the scallion/kimchi mixture so the egg would be hot when served (and not dirty up another pan). I was curious as to how these flavors would meld, and was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it.


Half the sriacha if your kin chi is actually spicy.


Second time cooking this. This time I added Shiitake and a julienne sliced carrot and used a little less noodles. I felt this gave it a nice twist and added some veggies to my day. 🥕

Lorraine G

I’ve made this recipe many times. It’s a great pantry meal for those nights you don’t know what to make! Tonight I incorporated a few tips from other reviews/notes. Using Gochujang for heat and butter with the kimchi. At the end, I added sharp white cheddar and a slice of American (deli deluxe IYKYK). Cook over low heat and the dish maintains the cheesy, creaminess. Definitely the best rendition yet!


Used wayyyyy too much too hot hot sauce. Way too spicy for me to eat. Only use a mild hot sauce, measure it, and probably reduce

one of my favorites

This has quickly become one of my favorite comfort food recipes! We keep the ingredients around the house now so we can make it whenever the craving strikes. I use half the sriracha, and always add mushrooms, which add a delicious extra layer of flavor and texture.

Anna J

Good quick staple! I found that as written the consistency was too thick. I added vegetable broth in a 1:1 ratio with sauce and was pleased with the results.

Katie D.

I’m a nurse and get home from work after my family has already eaten, and often make this for myself for dinner. I chop up whatever veggies I have on hand and sauté them with the onions and garlic. I use gochujang instead of sriracha and rice wine vinegar instead of the wine. It’s absolutely delicious and I sing it’s praises to everyone I know. I am adamant about keeping ramen noodles and toasted sesame oil on hand so I can make this whenever I want. A complete and total win, every single time.


Mirin worked as a substitute for Shiaoxing wine


Why is this so good? I added extra greens (some sad broccoli rabe in the fridge) and subbed Korean tuna for eggs - one can. Garnished with a spicy radish from the csa box. Such a delicious easy and fast dinner.

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Cheesy Kimchi Noodles Recipe (2024)


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