95 Most Amazing Long And Short Haircuts For Women Over 60 In 2024 (2024)

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What is a Good Haircut for a 60 Years Old Woman in 2024? Dishwasher Layered Bob Choppy Short Pixie for Thick Hair Elongated Bob Stacked Layers Short Layered Haircut with Balayage Highlights Half-Updo Hairstyle for Medium Curly Hair Flipped Layered Blond Bob Short Hair Updo Straight Bob Haircut Voluminous Grey Colored Bob Deep Side Styling for Wavy Bob Bob Haircut with Feathered Layers Purple Highlights & Bob Pixie Hairstyle for Thin Hair Side Parted Pixie with Thin Bang Layered Short Pixie for Thin Hair Blonde Layered Crop Wavy Bob Hairstyle Platinum Blonde Styling for a Short Haircut Short to Medium Wavy Bob Fascinating Layered Straight Crop Platinum Pixie with Long Bangs Sleek Bob Dramatic Long-Angled Bob Icy Blonde Stacked Bob Wavy Hairstyle for Fine Hair Layered Bob with Thick Bang Pixie Haircut with Brushed-Up Bangs Wavy Short Bob Short Silver Pixie with Bangs Modern and Swanky Bowl Cut Full and Sleek Stacked Bob Short Spiky Pixie with Layered Bang Classy Blonde Layered Bob Graceful Ashy Gray Wavy Bob Stacked Bob with Face-Framing Layers Modish Bob with Layered Baby Bang Grey Pixie Styling Side Styling Platinum Blonde Bob Stylish Extremely Short Pixie Silver Pixie Cut with Asymmetrical Bang Volumetric Styling for Fine Hair Inverted Short Bob Soft Layered Bob Voluminous Layers Swept Back Pixie Styling White Blonde Short Pixie Long Pixie with Crown Layers Side Styling Waves Wavy Side Styling Pixie Short Natural Hair Deep Side-Parted Medium Cut Grey Bob Curls Bob with Arched Bangs Lob with Long Side Bangs Messy Layered Bob Spiky Pixie Mullet Wavy Styling Long Bang Layered Bowl Cut Shaggy Waves for Short Fine Hair Grey Punky Spiky Pixie Asymmetrical Voluminous Pixie Chic Bold Raspberry Pixie Classic Sleek Bob Styling Elegant Side Part Pixie Short Sides, Long Top Mohawk Styled Platinum Blond Pixie Delicate Side Parted Look Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair Stylish Classic Short Bob Voluminous Hairstyle For Long Curly Hair Classy Medium Blunt Lob Best Hairstyle for Thick Hair Beachy Waves for Any Hair Type Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Bangs Grey Balayage for Medium Haircut Low Ponytail for Daily Look Dramatic Wavy A-line Bob Elegant Waves for Medium Hair Length Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyle For Curly Hair Curly Updo for Long Hair Lovely Messy Curly Hairdo Wavy Updo with A Fancy Beret Simple Swept Back Styling Short Layered Curls Creative White Gray Afro Curls Elegant Angled Bob with Bangs Updo With Scarf Messy Curly Pony Messy Bun Twisted Updo Hairstyle Updo Headband Braid Twisted Updo Up Styled Tied Back Locks Volumetric Gray Curly Bob Stacked Curly Haircut Short Shaggy Haircut Two-Level Bob Haircut Hair Tips For Ladies Over 60 Frequently Asked Questions Why do older ladies have short hair? What haircut makes you look younger? At what age should a woman cut her hair short? FAQs References

A lot comes with aging. You become cautious of the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and even to your hairstyles. When you hit 60, you’ll likely do away with the young folk’s hairstyles, and settle for some simple, yet beautiful hairstyles for women over 60.



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Before turning 60, you probably already know the haircuts that complement the shape of your face, your hair texture, and even complexion. Maturity has its perks and you no longer need to experiment to find fitting haircuts as you did in your younger years.

What is a Good Haircut for a 60 Years Old Woman in 2024?

Expert Says about Haircuts For Women Over 60

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Meagan Gallman

Expertise: Hairstyles and haircuts

If your hair is fine and thin, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few inches off. I would feel comfortable saying at least mid-back. It would make your hair look much more healthy and if your ends were seen as transparent at all, that cut will take care of that. There is nothing wrong with wearing longer hair at 60, you just need to be diligent about caring for it. Also, I would suggest nice face-framing layers. Face framing layers will certainly give the appearance of a more youthful look. As long as you are caring for your hair appropriately, aging applies just like every other situation. “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”

A good haircut for a 60 years old woman is short hairstyles for women over that make them look beautiful and comfortable. Haircuts for older women don’t have to be bland, or too simple. Personalities are different, so we can’t say specifically which haircut will be good for every 60 years old woman. Old age doesn’t mean a woman shouldn’t have choices.


Dishwasher Layered Bob

Credit photo: Shutterstock

This style is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 60 with round faces. Dishwasher layered bob gives you a younger and beautiful look. Your hair gets to be well layered for your bob to radiate. You can part it in the middle or any of the sides. Where you part depends on the shape of your face.

Choppy Short Pixie for Thick Hair

Credit photo: Shutterstock

This is one of the many short pixie haircuts for older women. A short pixie cut is still one of your best bets on looking great. The haircut is so legendary that age isn’t a barrier. Making your pixie choppy gives your hair a well-detailed look. You won’t have to visit your stylist very often because it’s easy to maintain.


Elongated Bob

by @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

The elongated bob, showcased here, gracefully frames the face with its sleek lines and delicate layering. This style offers a timeless look that exudes elegance, making it a stellar choice for women over 60 seeking a blend of classic and modern.

Styling Tip: To maintain the sleekness of this cut, consider a light volumizing mousse to give your roots a gentle lift without compromising the sophistication of the style.

The Editor's Choice

Stacked Layers

Credit photo: Shutterstock

You can hardly go wrong with stacked layers. Whether your hair is blond, gray, red, or black, this short haircut for women over 60 is still a hit. Your hair is trimmed to the nape of your neck, and your hair is cut into different layers looking stacked up.


Short Layered Haircut with Balayage Highlights

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Switching up your mono-colored hair isn’t a bad idea. Your short layered hair will look beautiful with a combination of two or more colors. The highlights don’t need to be shinny, and you can mix two natural colors. Thick and short layered hair makes your hair look voluminous.

Half-Updo Hairstyle for Medium Curly Hair

by @oldushkamodels

This Half-Updo Hairstyle for Medium Curly Hair is a testament to timeless grace, offering a soft, romantic flair that enhances the natural texture. Perfect for women over 60 seeking an elegant, yet effortless look.

Styling Tip: Embrace those natural curls with a hydrating curl cream that provides hold without stiffness, giving life to each twist and turn.

The Editor's Choice

Flipped Layered Blond Bob

Credit photo: Shutterstock

You can decide to be extra with your bob cut by flipping it while layering your hair. It makes you look younger than your age, especially when you dye your hair from gray to blond. It also looks cute one of the cute hairstyles for women with glass.


Short Hair Updo

by @oldushkamodels

This sophisticated updo offers an elegant twist on short hairstyles for women over 60. The natural grey hue exudes confidence and grace, ideal for showcasing the beauty of maturity.

Styling Tip: For a touch of class, let your natural color shine and pair with a light-hold styling product to maintain the look without weighing down your hair.

Straight Bob Haircut

by @anthonydiaco_hair

When we look at this straight bob, we realize that nothing is better than classic haircuts, especially when it comes to short haircuts for women over 60. And, of course, the shorter your classic straight bob, the more volume on the crown you will have. Also, it looks quite youthful and elegant.

Voluminous Grey Colored Bob

by @josh_congreve

Nothing flatters us better than volume in our hair. And that means that every lady should try a classic medium bob in her life. It’s never too late to cut your hair short, and it’s never too late to look trendy as well. Combine your brand-new cut with popular grey colors to always be on the top.


Deep Side Styling for Wavy Bob

by @camp_odom

Wavy locks are probably the perfect way to show off your elegance and create full and well-groomed hairstyles at the same time. Even if you think that there's nothing to do with your best short haircuts, remember that there’s nothing impossible about waves: some whirls of curling iron will sort things out.

The Editor's Choice

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair, According to Your Hair Type

Bob Haircut with Feathered Layers

by @josh_congreve

This feathered bob hairstyle offers a soft, layered look, seamlessly blending grays for a sophisticated touch of maturity. The layers add movement and volume, creating a youthful vibrancy that's perfect for women over 60 looking to refresh their style.

Styling Tip: For maintaining the effortless flow of feathered layers, use a light texturizing spray to enhance the hair's natural body while keeping it manageable and full of life.

Purple Highlights & Bob

by @ciaradidit

Ladies with funky souls should rock their days with funky cuts, no doubt! Now that you already know that bob haircuts can be different, you can customize them in any way you want, playing around with lengths, textures, and colors. How about a super-short purple choppy bob, for example?


Pixie Hairstyle for Thin Hair

by @tanya.borisovskaya

If your hair is thin, then you should have it cut quite short. If done properly, a layered pixie is perfect for thin hair. And if you have the time, style your hair immediately after washing it so that it will take the needed shape. Super short cuts make the most beautiful short hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair, as they don't outweigh the look while making it edgy and modern.

Side Parted Pixie with Thin Bang

by @ciaradidit

Thin bangs are pretty much like layers: they add more texture to our hair and flatter our face shapes. Thus, in most cases, bang hairstyles for older women are a must. As for side styling, it’s crucial when diversifying your everyday hairstyles, as once you style your short pixie to the side, you will create a tasteful asymmetry that will make take a fresh look at your cut.

Layered Short Pixie for Thin Hair

Credit photo: Shutterstock

If layered cuts meet thin hair, no trace will be left of it. The truth is, the unbelievable power of layers provides your hair with a lot of movement and fullness, and when your hair is very short, this texture is even more visible.


Blonde Layered Crop

by @josh_congreve

Don’t have any time for styling your hair? Then the layered crop hairstyle is meant for you. You could wear it either with your naturally grey color or add some blonde layers; it depends on your taste and preferences.

Wavy Bob Hairstyle

by @josh_congreve

Bob's hairstyle looks very elegant and classy. And if you add some waves, you’ll look irresistibly beautiful. It’s a perfect look for some event or a weekend with your family or friends!

Platinum Blonde Styling for a Short Haircut

by @josh_congreve

Platinum blonde is a timeless hue that can make a woman stand out wherever she goes. And combined with a pixie haircut, this hue is jaw-dropping. Style your hair upwards for the ultra-cool effect.


Short to Medium Wavy Bob

by @acasasilva

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s no single bob variation; every lady regulates its form based on her preferences. If you’re one of those who appreciate simplicity in every detail, let your bob express it. This short to medium wavy bob is a classic and feminine idea that can emphasize your inner delicacy.

Fascinating Layered Straight Crop

by @josh_congreve

Wise women never underestimate the power of layers: they add more life, and texture, and lift to our hair. So ladies who want to put an end to thinning hair know what to ask for when they sit in their hairdresser’s chair. A short straight crop with multiple textured layers will add a modern touch to your hair, making it look full and fascinating.

Platinum Pixie with Long Bangs

by @josh_congreve

We notice that contemporary pixie haircuts are often complemented with long bangs, and the result is marvelous. Long bangs along with a platinum hue will make your pixie appear much edgier.


Sleek Bob

by @ciaradidit

When styled sleek, a bob makes you appear rather bossy. Just look at these short-grazing tresses, aren’t they the definition of Modern? When blow-drying, comb your tresses down for such an effect.

Dramatic Long-Angled Bob

by @ro.hsiqueira

Angels came to our world to make our looks sexier. Though there’s nothing complicated about them, they look so eye-catching and dramatic that people can’t help themselves and stop staring at such cuts: can you take your eyes off this sharp long angled bob?

Icy Blonde Stacked Bob

by @josh_congreve

This styling idea for an icy blonde bob haircut is super sleek. Start with a deep side parting, blow dry your tresses, and give a lift to the ends with a hair straightener. Finish with hairspray.


Wavy Hairstyle for Fine Hair

by @salsalhair

In case your tresses are thin or fine, it might be a nice idea to opt for a wavy hairstyle. When waved a bit, your tresses will appear more voluminous. Thus, you can hide the fact that they are thin and lifeless.

Layered Bob with Thick Bang

by @headrushdesigns

Looking for a haircut that will both give you some volume and frame your face? A layered bob is the haircut you need. As you can see, it’s hard to notice any wrinkles or flaws: the thick bang gives a face-flattering effect. The whole silhouette is extremely full and voluminous.

Pixie Haircut with Brushed-Up Bangs

by @josh_congreve

We think that it is one of the coolest ways how to style a pixie haircut. When your tresses are clean and wet, add some styling mousse and with a round brush and a blow dryer, style your tresses upwards.


Wavy Short Bob

by @josh_congreve

A bob with a wavy texture is to go for in case you wish to add some carefree vibes to your appearance. Here you can see a wavy bob that is spiced up with a deep side parting.

Short Silver Pixie with Bangs

Credit photo: Shutterstock

This fabulous platinum silver short pixie with bangs has a bit of added texture which makes it look super cool. And short bangs make a woman’s forehead seem less large.

Modern and Swanky Bowl Cut

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Bowl cut, where the fringe is of the same length as the rest of the hair seems to be the oldest and the simplest cut ever. But it’s an ageless classic that will never go out of fashion. Also, its modern variations will surprise you with their versatility and minimalism, and the look above is the best example of such features.


Full and Sleek Stacked Bob

by @josh_congreve

Once you manage to get yourself a stacked bob, you will forget about the lack of volume once and for all. Such haircuts involve texturizing on the back and top, so there’s no way your hair will ever fall flat. And if you style it straight, be ready to shine brightly.

Short Spiky Pixie with Layered Bang

by @josh_congreve

It’s very important to individualize the haircut you sport. It should match your personality, after all! When we look at this spiky pixie, it tells us everything about its owner: this lady is stylish, bold, and confident. The bangs can also tell us something: she has a lot of pleasant movement in her hair.

Classy Blonde Layered Bob

by @jenniscarsker

It doesn’t matter if you have naturally blonde hair or you’re a blonde at heart who wants some color changes; this idea will hit everyone with its eternal stylishness and volume. Layers are more visible on light hair, and that’s the main reason to try this color: all the benefits of layers are enhanced and highlighted.


Graceful Ashy Gray Wavy Bob

by @ciaradidit

Let’s not forget that most trendy hair colors look more authentic on older women: all those whitish and greyish locks that we get with time have become trends that are on everyone’s lips. So why don’t show everyone how the real perfection looks like? The popular icy blonde will be a wonderful embellishment for your elegant wavy bob.

Stacked Bob with Face-Framing Layers

by @josh_congreve

When a voluminous chevelure is spiced up with super-textured layers, nothing can be better. Short haircuts for women over 60 are meant to offer versatility and stylishness, and when we look at this stacked bob with layers, we realize that every lady, no matter how old she is, will fall in love with this idea.

Modish Bob with Layered Baby Bang

by @josh_congreve

The contrast between textures is another good way to create a youthful hairstyle. Imagine that you flaunt your short volumetric bob and thin bang that accentuates the fullness with its weightless and slight thickness: it’s a twofer every woman dreams of. Such cuts can hide some flaws and frame your face, while a thin fringe can give a fresh and airy look.


Grey Pixie Styling

by @ciaradidit

Stylish ladies mostly opt for a pixie which is an undeniable fact. In case, this cut suits you, we must admit that it requires some skill to be appropriately styled. One of the trendiest suggestions would be a sleek, swiped-back grey pixie. Are you the one we dare try it?

Side Styling Platinum Blonde Bob

by @ciaradidit

Ladies with platinum blond hair are always at the top of popularity. But the time does not stand still and neither should you! A sleek, side-swept blond bob is supposed to be on your to-try list that is for sure! We should admit – that staying trendy is not for faint-hearted ladies!

Stylish Extremely Short Pixie

Source: DFree/Shutterstock

This radical pixie is living proof that it’s never too late to cut your hair short. Your age is just a number, while your style is something that people will always pay attention to. Once you get yourself a textured pixie with baby bangs, you will feel as confident as never before.


Silver Pixie Cut with Asymmetrical Bang

by @gemshairstudio

Just look at this pic: this lady decided to go for all the possible hair experiments. The asymmetrical bang creates an attractive silhouette, the pixie cut takes her hair type to the next level, and silver hair color freshens up her style. Yes, playing around can lead to awesome results.

Volumetric Styling for Fine Hair

by @oldushkamodels

Fine hair is something to die for, so if you have it, you’re in luck! How about making everybody feel envious? This volumizing styling idea is something unbelievable. Volume in hair has always been in demand, so it won’t hurt. Get yourself a voluminous layered bob and… the world will be yours!

Inverted Short Bob

by @mariechristinegiordano

Short, elegant, and voluminous. This inverted bob is the epitome of the most desirable beauty values. While being a versatile short haircut, this bob can bring a lot of character to your look, showing off your good taste. Of course, such an immaculate silhouette requires regular upkeep. But let’s be honest; it’s worth it.


Soft Layered Bob

Credit photo: Shutterstock

It’s no secret that women’s hair tends to get thinner and weaker with time. So no wonder most short haircuts for women over 60 come with layers. At first sight, it’s just a bob. But, if you take a closer look, you will see layers amp up its body, giving it a balanced and youthful silhouette.

Voluminous Layers

by @janellenelson

Whatever haircut you sport can get layered: layers know no limits. The best thing is, that there are a plethora of ways to implement the layering technique. For example, for such short haircuts as pixies, hairstylists can offer you feathers or choppy layers. Here you can see how soft feathers take a thick pixie to the next level.

Swept Back Pixie Styling

by @oldushkamodels

Sweeping the top backward is another fun way to modernize your hairstyle, adding a restless youthful mood to your look. Besides, such a punky hairdo can cover thinning hair: the swept-back top creates a ton of volume.


White Blonde Short Pixie

Credit photo: Shutterstock

The shorter the hair, the fewer troubles it brings! Not only does this precise, chic, and sophisticated pixie give a refined finish but also wash away all the traces of thin hair. Some women spend hours and loads of styling products to manage their thin hair. And wise women cut their manes short, thus building the perfect balance.

Long Pixie with Crown Layers

by @oldushkamodels

Another fact you should know about layers is that they can take place wherever you want. In other words, you can ask your hairstylist for strategic layers: only a specific area of your haircut will get layered. This long pixie is nothing but a layered artwork. The neatly trimmed sides create a well-balanced body while the crown layers add movement.

Side Styling Waves

by @tanya.borisovskaya

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to come to wear waves. Waves, whatever they are, always give a lot of feminine vibes, spicing up both casual and official looks. Moreover, if you wave your bob and style it to the side, the good old waves will get even more beneficial. Yes, they will build the volume.


Wavy Side Styling Pixie

by @josh_congreve

As you know, waves can be different, just like short haircuts for women over 60. And when it comes to pixies, a slight twist on the edges and a little curve at the front would be enough to add some charm. Coupled with a side part, the hairstyle looks very effortless and harmonic at the same time.

Short Natural Hair

Credit photo: Shutterstock

The beauty of natural hair deserves the most pleasant words in the world to get described. But, despite the unbelievable visual side, there are so many pitfalls on dealing, maintaining, and taking care of natural locks. So here’s a solution. A stylish solution, of course! It’s short, super bright, and so unique that you’ll never regret stealing the look.

Deep Side-Parted Medium Cut

by @ciaradidit

Who would’ve thought that the way you part your hair could change the look of your haircut? A deep side part creates a bit outweighed, and thus more creative silhouette. This imbalance allows you not just to add some volume; it gives you a lot of room for face-framing.


Grey Bob Curls

by @brennanevon

While a decade ago grey hair was considered a flaw, today it’s the most desirable trend. So if you’re thinking of dyeing your hair, think again! By the way, remember the amazing Afro-inspired hairdos you would wear years and years ago? It’s a trend, again. A trend that will never die!

Bob with Arched Bangs

by @judith_petz

Whether you need a little framing touch to your forehead or you want to freshen up your look, bangs are a must. First, they’re the perfect solution for big foreheads. Second, they take years off. As for arched bangs, they’re a gift sent from above. This type of fringe can conceal your flaws yet without overlapping your eyebrows.

Lob with Long Side Bangs

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Longer bangs come as an additional layer of hair that you can style in any way you like. This bob, for instance, features a long fringe that blends with the rest of the hair seamlessly. In this way, it gives a more voluminous and presentable finish.


Messy Layered Bob

by @headrushdesigns

The popular messy hairstyles are timeless styling ideas that will never become outdated. Natural looks have always been in demand, after all. For that reason, we want you not to miss tousled short haircuts for women over 60 like this one. To achieve it, you only need to get short choppy layers through the whole length.

Spiky Pixie Mullet

by @josh_congreve

It’s never too late to rock your days with spikes! There’s no need to tell how much of a visual impact you can get if you spike up your pixie. Paired with smart glasses and a modern feminine outfit, the idea will work for your image at its best. Should we mention how voluminous the style is?

Wavy Styling Long Bang

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Having a long layer on the front allows for various styling; you can turn your haircut into anything from drama to pure elegance. Just look how modern and style-defining this flipped wavy fringe is: just what you need to express yourself and look decent at once.


Layered Bowl Cut

by @jenniscarsker

The ageless bowl cut has always been the most versatile haircut for women of all ages. On top of that, this haircut features a perfectly leveled and slightly chopped fringe that gently falls on the forehead, giving a pleasant youthful look. Ladies with thin hair can also spice it up with layers to volumize this age-defying haircut.

Shaggy Waves for Short Fine Hair

by @tanya.borisovskaya

Some trends have come to us right from the catwalk shows, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be a runway girl to recreate them. The wet hair look is one of the easiest hairstyles that you can do with any length and texture. Still, it always looks radiant and fresh due to its silky effortless finish.

Styling Tip: Stock on some hair foams and lightweight gels: that’s all you need to freshen up such short haircuts.

Grey Punky Spiky Pixie

by @anthonydiaco_hair

When you have a bold character, there’s nothing like a dramatic spiky haircut that shows off your rebellious nature. As it turns out, on mature women, spikes look rather fun and sophisticated than vulgar, so you’d better stock on some good pomades. Make sure to apply a little product to make your hair look lightweight and soft, as well as run your fingers through your hair to give it some natural movement.


Asymmetrical Voluminous Pixie

by @simpson.house

This type of pixie requires a thorough styling routine involving dryers, flat irons, and protective products, it’s totally worth all the efforts. Not only does it give a totally youthful look but it also can balance out such facial features as the big forehead and chubby cheeks.

Chic Bold Raspberry Pixie

by @josh_congreve

You’re at the age when you are free to experiment: nobody can stop you, and that’s awesome.And you know what? You should dye your pixie pastel pink hair color! Yes, hairstyles for women over 60 want you to play around!

Classic Sleek Bob Styling

by @advancedstyle

You already know that classic never dies, as well as women’s beauty. A short bob with sleek styling is something that will never go out of style. And our advice is to go for such neat and classy short haircuts for women over 60 to keep up with classics while looking stylish.


Elegant Side Part Pixie

by @oldushkamodels

Pixies don’t care about your age; they can see right through you. Moreover, they know how feminine, delicate, and beautiful you are, so nothing can emphasize these features better than these cute haircuts for short hair. Look at this idea: this clean, side-parted pixie can show off your beauty in the most flattering way.

Short Sides, Long Top

by @deborah__darling

If you notice that your hair becomes thinner, ask this idea for help. Brushed back hair with short sides have never been sweeter! Also, don't change the color: your silvery hair is to die for, and this hairstyle is living proof.

Mohawk Styled Platinum Blond Pixie

by @josh_congreve

There’s no need to explain how handy bangs can be. They make us look younger, and that’s all we need to know! If you’re not looking for a face-framing effect, then this short pixie with wavy side bang is the look to steal. They create a bit asymmetric silhouette, which is very trendy these days.


Delicate Side Parted Look

by @ro.hsiqueira

Those who like to keep their hair short and styled tightly in a ponytail or bun will love this sexy idea. Believe it or not, but the way you part your hair changes the way your hairdo looks like. As you already know, some asymmetry won’t hurt, so such a delicate snowy side part hairstyle is a must-try for everyone!

Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

by @josh_congreve

The only drawback of fine hair is its relationship with wind. Once it blows on your hair, you’ll get lots of knots that are almost impossible to brush out. Plus, hairstyles usually don’t last long on fine locks as well. How to deal with it? Here comes one of the trendiest hairstyles for 60-year-old women with fine hair that you could ever see: it’s simple yet stunning and convenient to wear! To leave the fine hair troubles, opt for a short haircut and wave it a bit to add some volume.

Stylish Classic Short Bob

by @josh_congreve

Since all ladies know the power of the bob hairstyle, how about rocking your days with its classic variant? Oh, we almost forgot to share with you a secret: there are no bob hairstyles for women over 60 round face can spoil! Yes, bobs are so face-framing that you will never feel insecure about your face shape.


Voluminous Hairstyle For Long Curly Hair

by @oldushkamodels

Wavy hair is another classic that will never die. And the best thing is, it has no limitations. Not all women leave their long hair with them throughout their lives. And if you’re one of these lucky ones, the whole world will be at your feet with such a pretty, full hairdo with a soft contrastive ombre.

Classy Medium Blunt Lob

by @thesilverstylist

When you don’t know what hairstyle you want to flaunt, you should opt for a fail-free blunt lob! We have never seen a woman whom this hairstyle doesn’t suit, have you? It is a trend that women of all ages will never stop sporting, so no wonder it's on the top of short haircuts for women over 60

Best Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Those who have thick hair know how troublesome it can be sometimes. It’s quite full but seems to be too heavy to look voluminous. It’s time to appreciate waves because they know how to put an end to such hair troubles. Remember: when gray hair is waved, they can take over the world.


Beachy Waves for Any Hair Type

by @tanya.borisovskaya

When choosing a new haircut or hairstyle, there are some things you should keep in mind: your hair texture and your face shape. And the best thing about beachy waves is that they're the twofer you’re looking for. Not only they can frame your round or rectangular face shape, but their messy silhouette also gives a lot of movement, which is great for any hair type.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Bangs

by @anthonydiaco_hair

We will never get tired of bangs. They’re the fanciest element in hairstyles; nothing can’t compare to their beauty. And these choppy blunt bangs seem to have reached perfection. Don’t even try to pretend that you don’t know how to spice up your silky shoulder-length lob: this idea can read your mind!

Grey Balayage for Medium Haircut

by @tanya.borisovskaya

If you think that hairstyles with long layers can’t hypnotize, you haven’t been so wrong. Though grey hair is a nowadays’ trend that women dream of bringing to life, we still need some color changes from time to time.


Low Ponytail for Daily Look

by @oldushkamodels

Every woman needs to find a suitable hairstyle to sport every day. So don’t forget about easy and familiar hairstyles for women over 60 such as ponytail: it takes minutes to get it done, yet looks quite sophisticated. To make it look not that simple, you can complement your daily look with nifty glasses and fancy earrings, for instance.

Dramatic Wavy A-line Bob

by @levefimov_official

With this dramatic hairstyle, you will win the battle with your age. Now, the only thing that matters is your ageless beauty, accentuated with a voluminous wavy updo. By the way, this hair masterpiece wouldn’t look so gorgeous without seductive whitish-grey hair. Do you get what we mean?

Elegant Waves for Medium Hair Length

by @oldushkamodels

These elegant waves are here to show everyone what a restrained style looks like. If you want to keep it simple but significant, then this minimalistic hairstyle is an amazing idea for you. To add some softness to your hair color, you can mix your grey hair with wheat-blonde hues on the ends.


Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyle For Curly Hair

by @oldushkamodels

This gorgeous half-up-half-down hairdo will make you forget how to breathe. Alongside the braid, contrastive strands of curly hair make this look even more fascinating. Once you pull it off, even the youngest fancy girls will get envious. Well, that's another proof of the versatility of short haircuts for women over 60!

Curly Updo for Long Hair

by @oldushkamodels

When we see such hairstyles for women over 60, we can’t even imagine how happy women with long hair are. All you need to make this hair dream come true is to twist your hair into a high curly bun! You can also leave some front locks for an elegant touch.

Lovely Messy Curly Hairdo

by @oldushkamodels

This look is indeed stronger than words. Just have a look at it! The glorious, messy waves create such a lively and voluminous body to your hair that your wrinkles start to wash away. Also, pay attention to the outfits: this is how you can become the reflection of pure stylishness.


Wavy Updo with A Fancy Beret

by @oldushkamodels

Are you in the mood for rocking your days elegantly? If you’re positive about it, this look is going to reveal your feminine side. The fancy classic beret that sits on the glamorous wavy updo will show your age in a new, attractive light. As it turns out, sometimes it's not about short haircuts for women over 60 you choose but about the approach you take to make them a part of your look.

Simple Swept Back Styling

by @mariechristinegiordano

This idea shows how ladies who are comfortable with all their facial features style their hair. Want to make your hair emphasize how confident you are?

Short Layered Curls

by @ro.hsiqueira

Embrace the elegance of grey with a chic short layered hairstyle that adds volume and texture. Perfect for women over 60 looking to combine grace and style.

Styling Tip: Use a light mousse to maintain the bounce in your curls without weighing them down.


Creative White Gray Afro Curls

by @brennanevon

Though hairstyles play a very important role in our looks, it’s also crucial to make it suit your outfits. Look at this sexy and daring afro style: everything screams that your soul and good taste don’t age! To get the same youthful effect, copy this look right now!

Elegant Angled Bob with Bangs

by @ro.hsiqueira

Some delicacy and femininity won’t hurt when it comes to short haircuts for women over 60. Yes, there are some special days when we want to show off our attractiveness. Of course, the right hairstyle will do the talking. Don’t you think that this elegant halo braid updo is the right style we’re talking about?

Updo With Scarf

by @oldushkamodels

Do you know how to make your updo stay gorgeous all day long? Just secure it with your favorite scarf! Besides the supporting effect, such a bright accessory will create a very youthful, colorful mood for your style, making you a lady to remember!


Messy Curly Pony

by @oldushkamodels

Not all the hairstyles for women over 60 should be super complicated, especially if you’re a creative lady who can turn any simple style into a unique masterpiece! Is there any lady who can’t create a pony? Well, you can be the one who will make it significant: set it high and then let your curls do the talking!

Messy Bun

by @thesilverstylist

Many older ladies prefer not to dye their hair nowadays, and we understand why: they look trendy and effortless at the same time! And the best thing is that any hairstyle, even the simplest style possible, will look ravishing on your grey chevelure: this everyday tousled bun is enough to prove it! Besides, short haircuts for women over 60 always look their best when they have a natural vibe.

Twisted Updo Hairstyle

by @anthonydiaco_hair

If you’re going for a walk, a random twist with pulled edges and a high or low bun on the top will look fantastic with any outfit. And in case you are preparing for some big event, the same style, embellished with refined accessories, will work ravishingly as well! Hairstyles for women over 60 are so enviable!


Updo Headband Braid

by @advancedstyle

This elegant updo headband braid merges timeless grace with a modern twist, perfect for women over 60 looking to infuse sophistication into their style. It's an ideal choice for those with finer hair, as it creates the illusion of volume and texture.

Styling Tip: Accentuate the braid with a spritz of texturizing spray to add fullness and hold, especially for those special occasions.

Twisted Updo

by @oldushkamodels

A French twist updo, where all of your hair is twisted at the back of your head, is a nice and sophisticated idea for a daily hairstyle. It’s also one of the best hairstyles for women over 60 with thin hair, as they can tousle the crown and create a middle part, thus making their hair appear fuller.

Up Styled Tied Back Locks

by @tanya.borisovskaya

Gracefully tied back, this up-styled look showcases silver strands in a sophisticated way, perfect for women over 60 seeking elegance and ease.

Styling Tip: Embrace natural texture with a light mousse that offers hold without stiffness, for a youthful bounce in every step.


Volumetric Gray Curly Bob

by @exotismos

This volumetric gray curly bob is a testament to timeless style, perfect for women over 60 seeking elegance and ease. The natural gray curls are expertly shaped to provide volume and movement, creating a youthful yet sophisticated look that flatters the face beautifully.

Styling Tip: Embrace your natural texture with a quality mousse to keep curls bouncy and full of life. This haircut is low maintenance yet high impact, making it ideal for the modern, chic woman on the go.

Stacked Curly Haircut

by @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

This stacked curly haircut is a dynamic choice for women over 60, offering both volume and playful sophistication. The rounded silhouette beautifully frames the face, while the curls add a youthful bounce that defies age.

Styling Tip: For maintaining the buoyancy of your curls, a light mousse can help define without weighing them down, allowing for that airy, voluminous look to last all day.

Short Shaggy Haircut

by @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

The Short Shaggy Haircut boasts effortless charm, with its tousled layers creating a lively silhouette. This style effortlessly frames the face, perfect for showcasing confidence and a spirited personality in women over 60.


Two-Level Bob Haircut

by @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

This two-level bob haircut presents a timeless elegance, with its crisp lines and subtle volume adding a modern twist. Its structured form flatters the jawline, highlighting the grace of maturity.

Hair Tips For Ladies Over 60

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Everyone and everything changes with time, and the hair is no exception. For this reason, you should find the right approach to your hair so that you can always feel confident, pretty, and on point. Here are some tips that can help you when choosing from the popular haircuts for women over 60 in 2024.

Consider these to find your ideal short haircuts for women over 60

  1. Switch up the color If you love colors, don’t stay away from trendy pop colors. Many older ladies that love colors tend to put off funky colors because they think those colors will no longer suit them. Remember that making your hair means choosing something you’re very comfortable with. You don’t need to be afraid of wearing the hair colors you like. Furthermore, if you follow trends, you won’t go wrong.

  2. Don’t be too Conservative Being too conservative about your hair is not the best way to go about it. First of all, hair acts differently through the years, so it’s better to be open for new hair experiments to always look great. You have to understand that you don’t need to play it too safe all the time. Loosen up and try out something new. Who knows? You might end up finding better hairstyles for women over 60 with fine hair.

  3. Wigs aren’t a bad option If you’re dealing with thinning hair, include wigs or extensions into your styling routine. Besides their visual benefits, they can also reduce styling or environmental influence on your hair. Plus, there are lots of affordable wigs and extensions you’ll be comfortable in.

  4. Keep your haircut updated You’ve got to maintain the hairstyle you have on. Visit your stylist or have him/her come to your house at least once in a season to freshen up your look. You get to also consult on how to keep up with your hairstyle.

  5. Good hair products are a good investment You have to invest in good hair products for ladies your age. Make sure whichever product you’re using is as natural as possible. You don’t need anything that can hurt or stress your hair and scalp. It’s also important to use naturally based shampoos and conditioners, as well as styling gels and sprays. Above all, it is very crucial to know the right amount to use to avoid weakening and overworking your hair.

How can I look younger at 60?

  • Use golden or warm colors for your hair. Avoid ash blonde colors or any gray looking color.
  • Wear lip liners that match the color of your lips. You can draw your lower lip gently to give it a fuller look.
  • Apply sunscreen on your eye region, face, and neck.
  • Consider making your eyebrows thicker. Thinner eyebrows make you look old.
  • Invest in skincare routines, by only use trusted products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do older ladies have short hair?

The main reason why older ladies wear shorter haircuts is that they’re both practical and extremely stylish! You don’t have to spend the entire morning on your hair while having a great pool for styling experiments for your elegant look.

What haircut makes you look younger?

Short pixies featuring long face-framing bangs, balanced layers and feathers on bobs and lobs, and slightly messy textured pixies are the haircuts that can make you look younger and reveal your bright personality.

At what age should a woman cut her hair short?

Although the practice shows that lots of women over 50 opt for shorter cuts for the sake of a more mature look, there are no age restrictions for short haircuts! In fact, it’s about the look that fits your best features and inner-self.


  • Short hair refers to any haircut with little length. Source
  • Layered hair is a hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume using long hair for the illusion of length and short hair for volume, as an easy style to manage. Source
  • Get each month s beauty it list , find out what beauty products your favorite celebrities use, and see which celebs underwent this year s biggest beauty makeovers. Source

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95 Most Amazing Long And Short Haircuts For Women Over 60 In 2024 (2024)


What hairstyle makes an older woman look younger over 60? ›

Soft Layers: Adding soft layers to a medium-length haircut can create a youthful and flattering look for senior women. This style adds texture and movement to the hair, making it look fuller and more voluminous.

What is a good hair length for a 60 year old woman? ›

What is a good hair length for women over 60? While the answer to this is very individual, short haircuts are very popular with women over 60, from cropped pixie cuts to longer bobs. There are no rules, though, and plenty of women choose to keep their locks long.

Does Long hair suit a 60 year old woman? ›

Can those over 60 still rock long hair, or should they try and stick to shorter styles? Long hair looks great on a wide range of ages — and works particularly well on those with medium or thick locks (just ask for lots of layers, to add volume).

What hair length makes a woman look younger? ›

Will having long hair or short hair make me look younger? If you have medium to thick hair, a lengthier mane can give off an air of youthfulness. But if your hair leans thin, it's best to go with a cut that's mid-length or shorter to lend natural volume to your look.

What color hair makes a 60 year old look younger? ›

Ten out of ten colorists agree, shades that are warm-toned read more youthful than cool-toned hair colors. Spicy copper reds, rich caramel brunettes, and soft honey blondes will warm up your complexion for younger-looking skin (hold the retinol).

What is the best haircut for a 65 year old woman over? ›

Short and Chic: Pixie Cut: This timeless classic offers versatility and ease of maintenance. Opt for a layered pixie for fine hair or a textured pixie for thicker locks. Consider adding bangs for a touch of personality.

What is the best medium length hairstyle for a 60 year old woman? ›

A shoulder-length lob with gently curled-under ends would look good on anyone, and can be easily achieved with a hot air brush. Heavy bangs add a feminine finishing touch.

Which hair length makes you look younger? ›

Does short or long hair make you look younger? Long hair can enhance facial features by diverting attention away from wrinkles or age spots and adding volume to your hair. Short hair does not need to age you, though, as the style and texture of shorter hairstyles can add a youthful appearance.

Should 60 year olds have bangs? ›

The answer to the question is a resounding yes! Bangs are fun and youthful, sure, but they're also sophisticated and look good on everyone, whether your hair is curly, straight, short, long, or in between. The important thing is to find a style of bangs that works for you and your lifestyle.

What color hair should a 60 year old woman wear? ›

Silver, ashy, blond, and platinum are indeed the most popular hair color choices for women over 60. And with good reason! Instead of coloring to hide your grey hair, you can choose to embrace it. I've seen way too many women with poorly colored dark brown hair color that just doesn't look natural or flattering.

How to style long hair for a 60 year old woman? ›

Layers are a great idea to add to long hair as we get older. Layers add movement and youthful energy as opposed to single-length hairstyles. Add soft layers throughout your hair (if your hair is thick) or simply add them around your face to beautifully frame your features.

Is 65 too old for long hair? ›

There are many outdated “rules” about how women should wear their hair once they reach 50 – and outdated they should remain. No you don't need to go for a short crop past a certain age, nor should you avoid growing your hair long – it really doesn't matter what age you are, great hair is all about self-expression.

Do bangs make an older woman look younger? ›

The idea that bangs make you look like a child or too old is a common hair myth. The reality is that there are so many ways to style bangs. Each and every one of these styles brings a youthful energy to your look in a different way. Bangs can be chic, sweet, sultry — it's all in how you style them.

Which haircut makes your hair look longer? ›

Get tapered layers to emphasize the length of your hair. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, getting your hair trimmed into layers can actually make it appear longer. Avoid choppy layers, as these will make your hair look short. Instead, opt for long layers as these will make your hair look lustrous and soft.

What hair length makes you look thinner? ›

As far as hairstyles that make your face look thinner go, long hair is one of the easiest options. "Long hair instantly slims most face shapes. Think about getting semi-permanent hair extensions to speed up the process," says Lopez.

How do you make your face look younger in your 60s? ›

Care For Your Face

Apply retinol (Vitamin A) moisturizer, such as Wrinkle Recovery Serum. Use a high-quality Neck Restoring Cream for skin tightening. Be vigilant about using natural sunscreen, and avoid being outside during the time of day when the sun is most direct.

What length hair makes you look older? ›

Mitch Stone, stylist to the stars, warns, "once hair has passes your ribs, it is officially making you look older." Trimming a few inches off your locks is an easy fix for this common hairstyle mistake, taking years off your appearance and revitalizing your look.


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